Join our team!

AI Research Scientist (m/f/d)

We are looking for an AI Research Scientist (m/f/d) to join our team full time. We offer an attractive salary, equity package, flexible working, as well as a great office in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Aleph-One is an AI innovation lab based in Berlin Kreuzberg. We develop AI software and technology in line with emerging trends and the latest discoveries from the research community.

Our goal is to create an engaging space for research, creativity and collaboration in isolation from traditional commercial pressures and investor expectations. To achieve this we focus on foundational research and product development; the actual marketing, selling and operating of products and services, whether commercial or non-profit, are separated by spawning spin-offs, ventures, or collaborations with industry partners. In this vein, our first application, an end-to-end AI based search suite for e-commerce, was recently acquired by Attraqt Group as a result of two years of experimentation and development. In keeping with this dedication to creativity we strive to maintain a work environment, which is optimally free and encouraging to off-the-wall ideas and projects; we remain open to applications across all industries. This also entails maintaining a state of vigilance and continual learning with respect to the latest AI.

Our current work focuses on deep-learning, NLP and information retrieval; in the research process we have built a general software framework which empowers data scientists and greatly accelerates the AI development cycle. We shall open source these tools in the coming months.

When not working from home, our spacious rooftop office in Kreuzberg with its large terraces provides an optimally relaxed atmosphere for collaborative work, as well as room to retreat for concentrated deep work. When the situation vis-a-vis COVID-19 allows, we also plan to organize regular meetups related to topics relevant to our work and AI at large.  

Founded in 2019, the research and development team is currently small, but growing steadily -- we are looking for great people to join. Here, our goal is to retain a collegial spirit while playing a relevant role in AI development. We are interested in a wide range of profiles, from full stack developers to specialized AI researchers.

This is what you can expect from us:

Your work with us:

  • Foundational research on AI/ Deep Learning/ NLP
  • Create diverse algorithmic prototypes for products based on the latest developments in AI
  • Work with our product team to conceptualize novel disruptive technologies on the basis of prototypes
  • Contribute to Aleph-One’s open source software development
  • Assist in supervising junior software engineers and data scientists on learning latest methodologies in AI
  • Report findings of interest to the general scientific community in blog posts/ at scientific conferences etc.

Major perks:

  • An attractive salary and equity package
  • Unlimited work contract with 30 vacation days/year
  • 40 working hours per week with no overtime
  • Work equipment of your choice and flexible access to cloud based computation
  • Friendly work atmosphere
  • A spacious rooftop office with large terraces located in Kreuzberg
  • Free drinks and excellent coffee (incl. beer in the evenings)

What we expect from you:


  • MSc in AI/ Data Science/ Computer Science or related scientific discipline
  • Proficiency in Python for numerical/ scientific computing (pandas, numpy, scipy, etc.)
  • Experience with the basic data science toolkit (SQL, unstructured databases, Hadoop technologies, or similar database/ data-aggregation technologies)
  • High degree of familiarity with at least one widely used deep learning package: e.g. Pytorch, Tensorflow
  • In depth understanding of core machine learning concepts and latest deep learning methodology
  • Proficiency in cloud computing/ high performance computing used to experiment with Statistical/ AI models
  • Proven ability to propose/ architecture solutions to novel data science problems, as evidenced by e.g. Kaggle competition entries, thesis research, blog posts or similar

Highly Desirable:

  • PhD in AI/ Data Science/ Computer Science or related scientific discipline
  • Proven passion for AI research
  • Enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Research published on AI/ data science in major conferences/ journals
  • GitHub profile with contributions to open source projects used by the community
  • Familiarity with latest software development methodologies - git, docker, scrum etc.
  • Knowledge of additional programming languages (e.g. javascript, C++, scala, ...)

If you are interested we would be happy to hear from you. Please post your application, salary expectations, and potential start date here.